No Work – All Play !

On the other hand… Kids + bikes is a recipe for non-stop play ! There is no greater joy than watching them discover their world by bike. Find the right bike for your offspring and set them on their way. When you give a kid a bike, fun is the only job that matters, right ? Start them out right with the best fitting, most grin-inducing bike for them, at whatever stage of their journey. Don’t stress ! Every bike is kid-tested and parent approved.
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Boy's Hotwalk

With no pedals or gears, it’s designed to help Junior finds his balance by making it as easy as possible to put his feet down. In fact, scooting around with his feet is how the bike moves (outside of gravity), so he’ll get used to the feeling of riding without much of the risk. Even better for you, there isn’t much that can break should the bike hit the deck on the pump track, so there’s less maintenance then with a “traditional” bike. That’s right, you get parental hero status, and they have the time of their lives while learning to ride. Win-win.


:: Durable and tough, the A1 Premium Aluminum walking frame is designed specifically for little ones to scoot around safely.
:: The 12-inch alloy wheels are not only light, but durable enough to take plenty of abuse.
:: The Rhythm Lite Sport tires are heavy-duty, and allow your little dude to scoot around on- and off-road.

Hotrock 20

Of course, it also features a lightweight and toug 20-inch A1 Premium Aluminum frame that’s designed to take a hit while they find their legs on the pump track. Chatter and bumps, meanwhile, are handled by the coil-sprung SR Suntour fork’s 40mm of travel. Then there are a whole host of other components that are plenty tough enough to stand up to your little ripper, so you can rest assured that you’ll be spending more time riding with your kid and less time waiting in line at the repair counter.


:: Tough, light, and durable, the A1 Premium Aluminum frame is built to stand up to years of tough riding.
:: SR Suntour XCT-JR suspension fork offers 40mm of coil-sprung travel that smooths out bumpy, rough terrain.
:: 20-inch Renegade tires provide plenty of grip both on- and off-road.

Allez Junior

The frame features our A1 premium aluminium with Smooth Welds, as well as an alloy fork. The rest of the build comes in with Shimano shifting, Tektro brakes, and Axis Sport Jr. wheels that will keep your young roadie riding along, worry- free.


:: E5 Premium Aluminium frame features fully manipulated tubing with smooth welds that increase stiffness and efficiency, while looking just as good as it performs.
:: Specialized FACT carbon, full monocoque fork designed for high-speed handling.
:: Shimano 2000 Claris STI shifters shift reliably and are ergonomically shaped to fit all hand sizes.