MTB FullSus

When Should you opt for a Full-suspension Mountain Bike ?

A full-suspension E-mountain bike or a hardtail ?
Not such an easy choice, is it ? That’s where you’re wrong !

FOCUS helps you decide which full-suspension mountain bike is the right one for you.

A full-suspension mountain bike gives you greater safety and comfort if you’re taking on demanding Alpine descents or lots of technical home trails. A full-suspension mountain bike not only relieves the strain on your body, but also offers greater traction and reserves on your mountain bike adventures. How, you might ask ?

Well, due to its suspension, a full-suspension mountain bike’s rear wheel has better contact with the ground. The suspension compensates for any obstacles. In short – you will really start to feel the benefits of a full-suspension mountain bike when you ride over rough and rugged terrain.

Full-suspension mountain bikes have different suspension travels. As a rule, the following applies: the more suspension travel, the rougher the terrain you can take on. 140-150 mm is the classic suspension travel of an all-mountain bike for Alpine tours and 160-170 mm suspension for endurance mountain bikes.