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Urban Bikes and Other All-rounders

Are you looking for a stylish bike for the city, for everyday use or to help you work on your fitness ?

If so, our urban bikes and fitness bikes are just the ticket. Focus’s urban bikes are lightweight, fast, low-maintenance and have a simple design. They are ideal for short, fast inner-city rides.

Maybe you’re unsure ?
Here’s an overview of different types of bikes.

Cross bikes and hybrid bikes are all-round off-road bikes and are a combination of city bike and mountain bike. These bikes meet the requirements of both a fast bike for city use, and an off-road-worthy bike for rides on forest and gravel tracks.

Fitness bikes are basically outdoor sports equipment – while similar to fast racing bikes, fitness bikes have a more upright sitting position and straight handlebars. This reduces the strain on your back during sporty rides.

Trekking bikes are bikes for long adventures with saddlebags and for the daily commute to work. Focus’s trekking bikes are fully equipped, robust and comply with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations.

You can now discover even more thanks to their electronic assistance !

Riding Trails from the Outset

A Perfect fit for Young Riders – It’s only fun mountain biking if the bike is right. The adapted geometry of our JUNIOR bikes offers the same ride characteristics as its adult counterpart. With the exception of its 26″ wheels – junior wheels for a junior bike. As Tough as Necessary, as Light as Possible – A teenager’s mountain bike needs to be robust and able to withstand a great deal. Thanks to its high-quality design and materials, the VICE JUNIOR is particularly tough and hard-wearing. As Simple as Possible – With just a single main bearing and a simple gearset, the VICE JUNIOR is very low-maintenance. The externally mounted cables ensure simple assembly.